Typodarium 2017 – The daily dose of typography, Calendar

This is the totally legal designer drug for people who’ve got the typography virus – which is currently spreading … not least thanks to the worldwide success of our Typodarium typography calendar. The curious lifting of the day’s page (to reveal information on the font of the day on the back) has become something of a typographical morning greeting, with real connoisseurs having several treasure chests of type specimens tucked away in their desk drawers.

Typodarium 2017

  • Edited by Lars Harmsen, Raban Ruddigkeit
  • Art direction by Florian Hauer
  • Published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz
  • Tear-off calendar with 365 fonts by 263 designers from 30 countries and all public holidays for these countriesText English384 coloured one-day pages, printed in 12 different colors on both sidesPacked in a solid type specimen collecting box