Rapport, Monography Raban Ruddigkeit, Designed by Alexander Egger, 2013


The book show works from 1988 to 2013. And the designer Alexander Egger found a perfect way to communicate not only the jobs, but the name “Rapport”. Which means, that a design not stand alone. It is part of a reality and surrounded by a lot of distractions and need grip and ideas. Thank you Alexander Egger.

The book comes with a sleeve and a poster with the artists of the exhibition “Ramix”. You can see more and order it here.

  • Rapport – Raban Ruddigkeit 1988 – 2013
  • Foreword by Lars Harmsen, Design by Alexander Egger, Poster by Boris Bonev & Alexander Egger
  • With Essays and Interviews
  • ¶ Pilcrow 2013, 280 pages, 16,3 x 22,5 cm, German, 39,80 Euro