Kulturstiftung des Bundes–Tanzland, Code-design & Logo-type, 2017

With its new programme “Danceland”, the Federal Cultural Foundation wishes to finance guest performances of permanent ensembles or provide the independent scene with extra funding to enable contemporary dance productions to be staged in small to medium-sized towns. “Danceland” is not only targeted at the alliance of 375 guest performance theatres in Germany, but also at representatives of dance ensembles at city and state theatres and the independent scene with the aim of initiating cooperative partnerships between them. The Federal Cultural Foundation has allocated 2.35 million euros in funding for the “Danceland” programme until 2021. Brousse & Ruddigkeit build a flexible logotype, which can be arranged in different directions. The program starts in March 2017 with events, posters & a reader with all members of the collaboration so far. Find out more under http://tanzland.org