Freistil – The Book of Illustrators #6, Edited by Raban Ruddigkeit

368 pages with over 400 colored illustrations by 150 illustrators, interviews with the curators Gabriele Dünwald, Mario Lombardo & Nadine Rossa, as well as further tips and information. Texts in German and English. Designed & written by Sarah Schnurbus.

»Courage is not doing something without fear, but in spite of it!«

Very few technical developments have changed and shaped the culture and the consciousness of people as much as Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press. But have you heard of Tim Berners-Lee? In decades to come, he will be recognized as equally groundbreaking and transformational for he is considered one of the most important pioneers of the World Wide Web.

If we can believe scientists, in the coming decades we will mainly be dealing with three issues: globalization, democratization and digitalization. The Internet plays a key role in all three. And even though many self-proclaimed entrepreneurs smirk at what the chancellor said, it is still true that developments are still in their infancy, especially in the German-speaking world.

For the first time in 500 years, communications have fallen behind technical developments. This can be seen in various daring attempts at reinterpretation as well as the loss of trust in politicians, journalists and more and more artists and cultural professionals. A nightmare scenario No! It’s an opportunity that only comes along every 500 hundred years!

Only ideas can fill the spaces that have been created here. Only content give the media the right to exist and only quality can assert itself in GIF storms. The works in this book make me very optimistic that a new generation of illustrators has arrived who are more than up to this task, and I, together with you, am looking forward to a future in which creativity will be able to develop its full force! Raban Ruddigkeit, Editor

FREISTIL – The Book of Illustrators # 6, 2017
Publisher: Verlag Hermann Schmidt
Editor: Raban Ruddigkeit
Designer & writer: Sarah Schnurbus
368 pages with over 400 colored illustrations
of 150 illustrators
Format 17.2 x 24 cm
Thread-stitched hardcover bound in metallic glass fiber paper
Euro 39.80, ISBN 978-3-87439-896-1