Cucula, Logo & Corporate design, 2014

The “Refugee Company For Craft And Design” brings together different cultures and generations. Initiated by a group of young designers refugees built furniture pieces based on the ‘do-it-yourself’ furniture designs by Italian design legend Enzo Mari from the 1960’s. Instead of being “locked away” here refugees work together, get access to education and step by step create their own versions of Mari’s designs. Our corporate design addresses the idea of coming together and becoming part of something bigger. The word “Cucula” originates from the Hausa language in western central Africa and means ‚to do something together’, as well as ‚to take care of each other’. The crowd-funding campaign to get the project started was so successful that that the amount needed for start up finance was almost doubled.

Presentation of the project from Digital Bauhaus Summit 2015.

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