Berlin Design Digest by Robert Eysoldt & Raban Ruddigkeit, Design by Brousse & Ruddigkeit, 2017

Berlin is a creative hot spot. With its remarkable history, its cosmopolitan attitude, and its many interdisciplinary experiments and trends, Berlin is attracting more and more creative-industry movers and shakers and startup founders from across the globe. To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of UNESCO naming Berlin a “City of Design,” the editors Robert Eysoldt, a strategic and creative consultant, and Raban Ruddigkeit have assembled 100 successful projects, products, and processes by 75 Berlin agencies, design labs, public initiatives, networks, and universities, which currently connect Berlin with the world. The book with 304 pages and more than 300 photos and illustrations will not only inspire readers, but also enable them to exchange, cooperate, and initiate projects with creatives and designers from Berlin that transcend cultures and nations, and that promote an open society and a free world.

Berlin Design Digest–100 successful projects, products, and processes 

Design: Brousse & Ruddigkeit
Editors: Robert Eysoldt & Raban Ruddigkeit
Publisher: Slanted Publishers
Release: April 2017
Volume: 304 pages + 8-pages folded cover + more than 300 images
Format: 16 × 24 cm
Language: English
Performance: flap soft cover with open back, thread stitching
Cover: 3 different cover designs
ISBN: 978-3-9818296-0-0
Price: 30,- Euro

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