Baltic Sea Music Education Foundation, Logo & Corporate design, 2016

Musicians from the 10 Baltic countries plays together with conductor Kristjan Järvi in the Baltic Sea Philharmonic & Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic orchestras. And the Baltic Sea Music Academy teach young professionals for better understanding in music & beyond. For this holistic concept of connecting intercultural issues with the power of music we developed a design system, which consist of logos, graphics & colors. In the centre stand a 360 degree grid of 5 lines inspired by staves … A first campaign rolls out in april 2016!

Kristjan Järvi, Founding Conductor and Music Director of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic: ‘The new design resembles everything we stand for: energy, light, positivity – all aspects brought together in one place. The outline of this star, which is a transformation of the 5 lines of the musical stave, draws the map of the Baltic Sea region whose rich cultural heritage and technological developments the Baltic Sea Philharmonic promotes worldwide. Brousse & Ruddigkeit immediately understood that we are more than just an orchestra but rather a platform for society, culture and environment, establishing and harmonising regional goals through creating a unified identity, creativity and innovative branding.’

Thanks to Jutta, Thomas, Kristjan & the Foundation for this great collaboration & to PAGE, the German design magazine for the friendly article about the design. And a very special thank you to Peter Adamik!

Fot the Waterworks & the Baltic Folk Tour in 2017 we create 2 different tour-designs with posters, ads, programs, shirts & bags. For social media we build films, which illustrates the double-double-u for Waterworks & the F for Baltic Folk, who comes from the Baltic Sea Philharmonic branding. The Design Code allows us to show the tour-designs without a logo in every application …

The Waterworks-Tour-Design

The Baltic-Folk-Tour-Design


Not at least the map for the musicians;