From the cover story of the current PAGE magazine

»We do not all know what’s to come. Especially the internet has a power comparable only to the invention of printing« says designer Raban Ruddigkeit, co-owner of the studio Brousse & Ruddigkeit in Berlin. The best thing is to equip creative people who remain open and flexible, and who hold back on forecasts and regulations. »Therefore, we offer nothing rigid, but flexible, dynamic solutions. Things change faster and faster, you have to be prepared for that in design, especially in digital space.« he explains.
… Due to many new unpredictabilities, the focus is shifting from designers to moving further and further away from the surface: »It is our mission to implement concepts that work on behalf of our customers. Aesthetics is a comparatively uninteresting side-scene,« says Ruddigkeit, »and beauty is not the first criterion for us designers. The real question is: Does it work? Form is function!«
From PAGE, Issue 2/2018