Bronze at Shenzen Intl. Poster Festival, China


Brousse & Ruddigkeit wins the Bronze Award at the Shenzen Intl. Poster Award in China for the 16 Posters for Tanzjahr 2016. Based on our “cooperative design“ sixteen international designers accepting our invitation to create a poster with only 3 forms & 2 colors. From top left to button right we say Thank you very much to Alexander Branczyk, Andrea Tinnes, Alexander Egger, Niklaus Troxler, Daniel Arab, Lars Harmsen, Anıl Aykan Barnbrook, Timothy Helmer, Ariane Spanier, Mario Lombardo, Vito Bica, Bärbel Bold, Lea Brousse, Lev Chestakov, Li Xu & Fons Hickmann.

Have a look at the winners in Shenzen!